How to Choose an SEO Agency

By | November 15, 2022

Choosing the right SEO agency is as important as your SEO techniques. Do you know how to choose an SEO agency that will deliver the results you want? If you think that finding the top 10 list online is good enough, then there’s a lot that you should know before hiring an SEO agency.

We’ve listed a few tips that will help you choose or even find the SEO agency that will work well with you and give you the results you’re looking for.

Tips in Choosing an SEO Agency

Follow these 7 tips to help you find the perfect SEO agency for your business.

1. Do your research.

One of the most important things we tell our clients is that they should also know a little bit of SEO before asking for help from a professional. We’re not asking you to know the techniques and the terms – we just want you to familiarize yourself with how SEO works. Why?

Have you ever met an SEO consultant and had no clue what they said? Were you convinced that they can deliver results? If you don’t know anything about SEO, then you’re prone to get tricked into hiring someone who just knows the Black Hat strategies. Black Hat SEO are techniques that violate search engine rules, so if you hire someone who does that, your website will be banned from the search engines. That’s definitely the opposite of what you want.

2. Define your goals.

Other than doing a little research, you also have to define your business goals as far as marketing is concerned. What is it you want your SEO agency to achieve? How do these goals fit your overarching marketing strategy?

Knowing your goals will save you a lot of time looking for SEO agencies. This is mainly because you already know what you want and you only want to find someone who can do that for you. If an SEO agency tells you that they can’t do it, you can eliminate them from your list unless they explain to you why your SEO goal is not feasible.

3. Go by word of mouth.

Even SEO agencies depend on referrals and word of mouth. If you have no idea which agency to tap, then ask your friends or people in the industry about their recommendations for SEO agencies. While you’re at it, ask about their experience with the agency. Are they easy to work with and do they give them regular data-driven reports?

When someone gives a recommendation, grab the opportunity, and ask a lot of questions. That way, you already have an idea of what you can expect if you hire that particular SEO agency.

4. Avoid vague pitches and assurances.

Trust us, you’ll meet a lot of SEO agencies that will promise you the moon and the stars. They will tell you that in a short amount of time, they can land you on the first page of the search engine results page. Quite frankly, we advise you that you ask them how. Let them explain how they’ll do it.

Being critical about the assurances of SEO agencies will help weed out who’s just giving umbrella statements and fluff. Look for someone who will explain to you what SEO techniques will work for you and what you can expect in the given timeframe you gave them. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with guaranteeing success but they should give you a detailed plan for that.

5. Notice how they communicate and follow up.

When you set a meeting with an SEO agency, always be observant. Notice how they communicate and notice what they often talk about.

A worthy SEO agency will be prepared in answering difficult questions about the strategy they presented. They will also often give data-driven answers. Moreover, notice how they communicate with you. For obvious reasons, you should only hire someone who is professional and easy to communicate with.

6. Look for an agency with a good track record.

There’s no doubt that hiring an experienced SEO agency is always going to be advantageous to you. Sure, they will often charge you a higher price but at least you know that they’re not scammers.

The problem with getting affordable SEO agencies is that they may not be knowledgeable enough in SEO. Because they lack experience, their knowledge of SEO might just be textbook-based.

7. Hire someone you like.

Finally, hire someone you like. If at the start you already feel uneasy with the agency, then might as well listen to your gut. Most of the time, they will notice something wrong.

Hiring an SEO company in Houston such as Johnny Chen is very important as you will invest time and money in it. It only makes sense that you hire somebody that you can trust with confidence especially when those positive feelings come from the reviews of other people in your network.

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