7 Ways Custom Lanyards Achieve the Purpose of Safety, Security and Unity

By | February 3, 2023

A lanyard may be perceived as only a simple strap or cord to hold identification cards, but it plays an important role in terms of safety, security, and unity. Many people do not realize the many uses and crucial role a lanyard plays in many companies, organizations, events, and even in the military.

One will be surprised with the many ways lanyards help save lives, promote order, and unity in a company. If you still think a lanyard is just a piece of strap that does nothing but hold ID cards, keys, whistles, and accessories, here are 7 ways to prove that there is more to it than just a simple cord to hang around the neck.

1. Keep Unauthorized People Out of the Office

There is a reason why companies require all their employees to wear their IDs at all times while inside the premises and make use of the company-provided lanyards. This is to ensure that unauthorized individuals will not be able to enter and wander in the area.

It also makes it easier for security guards and other personnel to identify people who are not employees of the companies. A lanyard also helps distinguish employees from guests.

2. Improve Camaraderie, Trust, and Teamwork

It would be hard to remember all the names or know all the people in an organization, especially if it is a big company. One way for employees to identify their co-workers easily is by requiring them to wear lanyards with their IDs.

It will lessen the awkward moments in the workplace and will help foster camaraderie and trust among employees. It can even help improve teamwork and boost employee productivity.

3. Better Customer Interaction

Employees do not only interact with their co-workers but also with customers. Knowing that all employees are wearing the company-provided lanyards with their IDs gives customers a sense of trust. It also makes employees do a better job, knowing that they are acting as the company’s representative when dealing with customers.

Apart from that, employees are aware that the customers know their names and that they can easily identify them, thus making sure that they do their best. This also promotes unity to achieve a common goal of making sure the customers are satisfied with their services.

4. Promote Order During Events Such as Field Trips and Concerts

Students look forward to their school field trips, however with so many students to look after, it would be difficult for the teachers to keep up. By having the students wear their lanyards and IDs, it would be easier for the faculty to identify their students during field trips.

The same goes for events like concerts, seminars, tradeshows, etc. It is easy to get lost in an event with so many people in it. It is also challenging to find the right people during crowded events. This is the reason why promoters, exhibitors, security personnel, and other crews are advised to wear their IDs around their necks at all times. It helps the events run smoothly and in an orderly manner.

5. Secure Important Belongings

Custom lanyards are not just for holding identification cards, they are also used to secure personal belongings like keys, USB drives, flashlights, whistles, and cellular phones. It keeps things that are frequently used close by and prevents them from being misplaced.

6. Keep Face Masks Secure

For people with certain medical conditions and with the continuous rise of the number of people infected by the virus, wearing of face mask in public is a must. However, most people still tend to forget to wear them and some keep misplacing them. One way to prevent that from happening is by using lanyards for face masks.

These face mask lanyards will hold the masks in place and will reduce the chance of losing the mask when one needs to remove it. These lanyards can help save lives and decrease the number of people getting sick.

7. Prevent Lineman Utilities from Falling

We all know how dangerous the work of lineman utilities is or other workers that are hung from high places. This may surprise a lot of people, but lanyards keep them from falling. Of course, these are not the same lanyards that are used for IDs and other small stuff. These are heavy-duty and adjustable straps that support the wearer and prevent them from falling.